Feb. 28, 2010: Finished Feb with a new one month record of 47.8 inches beating the previous 1978 40.2 inches. We're getting close to the all time one year record.

Feb. 26, 2010: Less than 6 new inches so far but its still snowing pretty hard at times. No real problems making it to Aliquippa tonight and hopefully only a few more inches tonight.

Click to watch a great youtube of ski stunts in the Pittsburgh snow. Its best in HD. We don't know the people but all the locations, partly in Oakland near CMU & Pitt and down Mt. Washington, are well known to many of us. Look for familiar background landmarks and university stairways we've often climbed.

Our son Nat with his poor little dog Schnitzel in the snow.

Feb. 24, 2010: PennDOT Readies for Major Winter Storm, Urges Motorists in Affected Areas to Avoid Unnecessary Travel

Harrisburg – For the third time this month, PennDOT crews are preparing to deal with another massive snowstorm that will impact much of Pennsylvania, and the department is urging motorists in affected areas to avoid unnecessary travel. The storm is expected to bring heavy snow and severe winds between 20 and 30 mph, and those who absolutely must travel should expect delays and be certain that their emergency survival kits are packed in each vehicle. It's been a trying winter for all of us, and I sincerely thank all motorists who have wisely avoided unnecessary travel during the worst of conditions," said PennDOT Secretary Allen D. Biehler, P.E. Some forecasts suggest this upcoming storm could be on par with - or worse than -- other recent storms. I ask motorists to heed our renewed warnings and avoid travel unless absolutely necessary.

Earlier this month, much of southern Pennsylvania was battered with blizzard conditions, and this storm could bring similar conditions as wind gusts are expected to approach 50 mph across a large portion of the state. PennDOT and local crews fought through drifts as high as 15 feet during the Feb. 10 blizzard and this upcoming storm could produce similar, if not worse, conditions,” Biehler said. “The bottom line is that with the extreme conditions expected, motorists must be prepared if they become stranded.” PennDOT warns motorists that with extreme wind gusts approaching 50 mph and heavy snowfall rates of one- to two-inches per hour, some secondary roads where drifting is prevalent will be blown shut until crews can direct equipment from primary routes. “This is a very dangerous storm that is forecast, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of staying off the roads unless travel is completely necessary,” Biehler said. “ Motorists who become stranded should not risk trying to walk to safety unless they are absolutely certain of their surroundings. If stranded in a vehicle, PennDOT recommends that motorists stay with their vehicle and use the items packed in their emergency kit. Drivers should keep a downwind window cracked for fresh air and turn the vehicle on every so often for heat, but only after clearing the tailpipe from snow. A basic emergency survival kit should include non-perishable food, water, blanket, small shovel and warm clothes. When preparing an emergency kit, motorists should take into account special needs of passengers such as baby food, pet supplies or medications and pack accordingly. In addition to packing a survival kit, motorists should tell a relative or friend what time they will travel, the route they’ll take and their destination.

Due to the extreme wind gusts currently forecast, PennDOT advises motorists who encounter expected white-out conditions to stop only after safely getting as far off the road as possible or when there is a safe area to do so. Also, do not stop in the flow of traffic since this could create a chain-reaction collision. According to Biehler, interstates and other high-volume expressways are treated first during winter storms. Secondary state routes are a lower priority and during severe winter storms, deeper accumulations will occur on these roadways... etc etc etc

Our place is so far off the beaten path that we don't even hit low priority.

Sister-in-law Vickie sent this pic along with a couple of the ones below
Its doubtful we'll see two feet of snow like this again anytime soon!!!!

The Pittsburgh snow removal plan in action!!!!

Follow this link to read a tame version of "Diary of a Snow Shoveler" :-)

Follow this link to read about the Pittsburgh parking chair tradition :-)

No idea who, where or when but some reminders it could have been even worse!

Not really our backyard but its pretty close!

Feb 17, 2010: Had another 5 or 6 inches overnight and Larry can't plow today. This morning it took almost 1/2hr to get out of the driveway and 2 more hours to go the 20 miles to work. Pittsburgh is still a mess even without the latest overnight. Rose is stuck at home today and trying to work from there. We're working into later stages of the "Diary of a Snow Shoveler" (read it above if you haven't already).

Feb 16, 2010: We lucked out - it was only about 4 new inches but more is on the way.

Feb 15, 2010: Some predictions are 10 more inches tonight!!!!

Feb 11, 2010: Made it back to work even though its still snowing a bit. The last accumulation was about 6 inches on places that had been plowed to bare ground. Our combined total was just over 30 inches but with settling we're actually back to 2 feet in open areas. The tarp and salt under the tires method for making sure I could get the car out worked pretty well. Only 30 mins to shovel what was piled up from Mamont Road plowing and I was on my way.

This time Larry decided to use more serious power

Less snow this time but still piled high on Rose's car

Feb 10, 2010: Worked from home. I could have gotten out but no place to go.

this hit wasn't too bad

Mamont is pretty clear already... its plowed up on my car & driveway

Feb 9, 2010: Mostly ready for the next hit. This time one car is at the end of the driveway under a tarp with salt under the tires and shovel in the back. Of course it will be blocked in when they plow Mamont Road but shouldn't be too hard to get out. Even though its been snowing since 4PM, with a few heavy bursts, there are only 2 new inches by midnight. Forecasts seem to be reducing their predictions. Still, the universities and schools are closed tomorrow since Pittsburgh streets are so bad and theres no place to put the snow.

ready for the next snow

just before dark the driveway already has a new coating

just before dark the driveway already has a new coating

Feb 8, 2010: Major progress... although not until late afternoon the driveway is finally passable! Even after plowing/shoveling its extremely slippery. Its so slick Larry slid his CAT into the front of his own truck breaking a headlight. This evening Rose made it home and I made a quick run to get papers and my camera from the office. Mamont road and everything else was entirely clear until Oakland where its still a mess. Seeing things up close I see why both universities are closed again tomorrow. Its wasn't a problem this evening with few people and traffic but it would be nasty during the business day. See a few S. Craig pics below.

Looking at the latest forecast maps we sit on the line between 8-10 and 10-15 inches for the expected new storm. Its was good to top off the groceries tonight.

snow plowing/shoveling

snow plowing/shoveling

Oakland, 300 South Craig, PSC offices

Down S. Craig past Quiznos

up S. Craig is slippery

snow piles at Little Asia

Winthrop beside 300 S.C. - flash but all the others are available light

stuck cars on Filmore

past LuLu's

by CMU campus police - 1.5sec exposure hand held!

Filmore past LuLu's to Luca's where several are stuck

Feb 7, 2010: Its was snowing again this morning but only minor flurries. The forecast new snow is supposed to start Monday night or Tuesday. At least there is progress on the car and driveway. I spent a couple hours at it and then Annamarie and Matthew came by. With some more shoveling and Annamarie "driving" while Matt and I pushed we got it back on the driveway. We didn't want to shovel the other 500 feet but now I can get the car out of the way when Larry plows tomorrow morning and head to work by noon.

New news - CMU just announced they will close tomorrow so another day at home after all.

Now it looks like a car again and is back on the driveway.

We cleared quite a bit but will leave the rest for plowing..

Feb 6, 2010: Our big snow ended at noon today after starting 24 hours earlier from bare ground. I forgot my camera in the office so had to resort to these tiny MacBook camera pics. Its supposed to be the third or fourth deepest Pittsburgh snow after the blizzard of 1993 and Thanksgiving of 1950. This is not light powder but is pretty heavy and sticky. Open areas are more than 24 inches deep (thats 61 cm for some of you) and up past my knees. There is a full 3 feet a little ways to the south east at higher elevations. Its a lot of work just to walk in this never mind shovel it. Clearly it was a mistake to not leave my car up at the road last evening. I'll be camped on my own here with our dog "Spice", possibly for some days, while Rose is stuck in Aliquippa where shes helping her Mom and sisters take care of her Dad. At least the power is on (mostly), the network is up (mostly) and plenty of food (plus deer in the woods). Annamarie and Matt are not so stranded but last word was they had no power. Nat should be fine in the city. The forecast is maybe 6 more inches from Monday to Wednesday. Punxsutawney Phil says spring is 6 weeks off. It may take that long to melt. Its fun living out in the sticks!

Thats about 20in on the grill

Yardstick on grill

Spice wants back inside

Out back to wood pile - thats the lumps in the snow

From Nat's room

From front door

Camera testing 123

Where we usually park

Branch in my parking spot

Thats 23 inches in my spot but its even deeper out in the open

Lots of snow in the tree over the garage

Made a path for Spice

Down driveway past Larry's truck to find my car

That snow lump is my car under a branch

Now you can see the car is really in there

Can't see much of it from behind

On down the driveway

Looking down stream

Upstream side is Van Snik's field

Back up the new clearing to the house

Looking toward Mamont road

Back up the driveway - can you see the car?

Meanwhile Rose is stuck 50mi away in Aliquippa with her parents and sisters