Greg Hood

Senior Computer Scientist,
National Resource for Biomedical Supercomputing
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Office:                Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
                            300 S. Craig St. -- Rm. 420
                            Pittsburgh, PA  15213

Telephone:       412-268-4960
Fax:                    412-268-8200

Current Projects:
                            Image Alignment of Large-Scale TEM Datasets (with Wei-Chung Allen Lee's group at Harvard Univ.)
                            MCell Parallelization (with the Sejnowski group at the Salk Institute)
                            Antiretrovirals and Spread of HIV Drug Resistance (with the Abbas group at Baylor College of Medicine)

Past Projects:
                            C. elegans volume data alignment (a component of PSC's Volume Browser project)
                            NEOSIM  (NEural Open SIMulation)
                            Computational Neuroscience Course on the Access Grid
                            Real-time Functional MRI
                            Tracking the Human Brain

Selected Software (that I have written or contributed to):
                            FIASCO - Functional Image Analysis Software Computational Olio
                            Useful Programs for Recording Access Grid Sessions
                            pmap - Hybrid Container Extensions to the C++ STL

Selected Publications:

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