Greg Hood

Senior Computer Scientist,
National Resource for Biomedical Supercomputing
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Office:                Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
                            300 S. Craig St. -- Rm. 420
                            Pittsburgh, PA  15213

Telephone:       412-268-7063
Fax:                    412-268-8200

Current Projects:
                            Image Alignment of Large-Scale EM Datasets (with Art Wetzel at PSC and the Reid group at Harvard Univ.)
                            Resolution Limits for Fluorescence Tomographic Molecular Imaging (with Chris Badea & Steve Zhang at Duke University)
                            Antiretrovirals and Spread of HIV Drug Resistance (with the Abbas group at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation)

Past Projects:
                            C. elegans volume data alignment (a component of PSC's Volume Browser project)
                            NEOSIM  (NEural Open SIMulation)
                            Computational Neuroscience Course on the Access Grid
                            Real-time Functional MRI
                            Tracking the Human Brain

Selected Software (that I have written or contributed to):
                            FIASCO - Functional Image Analysis Software Computational Olio
                            Useful Programs for Recording Access Grid Sessions
                            pmap - Hybrid Container Extensions to the C++ STL

Selected Publications:

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