Matt Mathis' Papers and Citations

This page lists my papers and presentation. The most important ones have bold titles.

In progress (published drafts, in review and online resources)


  1. "Thinking about the big problem", Presentation to the Internet Congestion Control Research Group (ICCRG), May 20, 2009, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. [Slides PDF]

  2. "Relentless Congestion Control", Protocols for Large-Scale and Diverse Network Transports (PFLDNeT), May 21, 2009, Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan. [Paper PDF] [Slides PDF]

  3. Reflections on the TCP Macroscopic Model, Computer Communication Review, volume 39, number 1, Jan 2009. [PDF]

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  7. "Effective Diagnostic Strategies for Wide Area Networks", presentation to I2 Performance Measurement Architecture Workshop, Dec 2003. [Hypertext slides]

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  9. "The Case for Raising the Internet MTU", Invited Nerd Lunch Presentation to Cisco Engineers, July 2003. [Hypertext slides] See also [MTU]

  10. "End-to-End Network Issues", Invited presentation to the "DOE Science Computing Conference 2003", June 19-20, 2003. [Hypertext slides]

  11. "Packetization Layer Path MTU Discovery" IETF BOF on PLPMTUD, 20 Mar 2003. [Hypertext slides] See also [better MTU discovery]

  12. with J Heffner, K Lahey, P O'Neil, F Templin "Packetization Layer Path MTU Discovery" IETF BOF to charter a WG. [Hypertext slides]

  13. "Path Maximum Transmission Unit Discovery (pmtud)" IETF PreWG, 20 Mar 2003. [Hypertext slides]

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  15. "Pushing up the Internet MTU", Presentation to Miami Joint Techs, Feb 2003. [Hypertext slides]

  16. with J. Heffner, R. Reddy, "Web100 Tools", Jan 2003. [hypertext slides]

  17. "TCP ESTATS MIB", Presentation to the 55th IETF TSVWG WG, Dec 2002. [Hypertext slides]

  18. "TCP Deconstructed", CalTech Seminar, 30 Oct 2002. [Hypertext slides]

  19. T. Dunigan, M. Mathis, and B Tierney, "A TCP Tuning Daemon", Supercomputing 2002, Oct 2002.

  20. "Web100 Status and Future Path", Presentation to the Web100 users group, Boulder CO, 1 Aug 2002. [Hypertext slides]

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  22. "What is the Future of TCP?", Invited panel, Inet 2002, 20 June 2002. [Hypertext slides]

  23. "Using web100 to Diagnose Internet Paths", 2 April 2002. [Hypertext slides]

  24. "Web100 Status and Impact", Presentation to End-to-end performance workshop, SC2001, 14 Nov 2001. [Hypertext slides]

  25. "Ten Gigabit Ethernet Research Questions", Presentation to the SDSC 10 Gigabit Ethernet Workshop, 19 Oct 2001. [Hypertext slides]

    This presentation bootstraped my interest in Ethernet MTU issues.

  26. Three presentations to the first Web100 Users Group Meeting, 24 July 2001 [Hypertext slides]

  27. With M. Allman, "A Framework for Defining Empirical Bulk Transfer Capacity Metrics", RFC3148, July 2001. [RFC3148]

  28. "Web100 Status and Impact to the network", Presentation to LSN, 10 July 2001. [Hypertext slides]

  29. "Web100 Status and Impact", Presentation to Joint Techs, 5 May 2001 [Hypertext slides]

  30. "Pushing up Performance for Everyone", Presentation to Cisco, Feb 2001. [Hypertext slides]

  31. "Pushing up User Performance", Presentation to JET, 20 Feb 2001. [Hypertext slides]

  32. With kc claffy "are raw bandwidth testbeds worth the investments", Presentation to the Extreme Networking Workshop, Jan 2001 [Hypertext slides]

  33. "Evaluating NGI Performance", invited presentation to the JET, Sep 2000. [PPT Slides]

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  35. "TReno Bulk Transfer Capacity", draft-ietf-ippm-treno-btc-03.txt (Internet-Draft expired June 2000) [text]

  36. "Pushing up Performance for Everyone", Presentation to Joint Techs, 5 Dec 1999, Miami FL. [PPT]
    This presentation was the first public use of the phrase "Wizard Gap".

  37. M. Mathis, J. Semke, J. Mahdavi, "The Rate-Halving Algorithm for TCP Control", Internet Draft: draft-mathis-tcp-ratehalving-00.txt, August, 1999, [Text] [Web page]

    Currently expired, after "Last Call" for IETF experimental standard RFC status.

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  45. Quoted in the August 1996 WIRED magazine (p109): "The Internet is like a freight train roaring along while people are laying tracks in front of it. It's not just gaining on those laying the tracks; it's gaining on the steel mills"

  46. Quoted in Gary H. Anthes, "ISP = Internet Service Problems", Computerworld, July 8, 1996. [Article]

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