The Case for Raising the Internet MTU

Slides: The Case for
Raising the Internet MTU

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Page 1: The Case for

Page 2: Outline

Page 3: Part 1

Page 4: The Wizard Gap

Page 5: Imagine Closing the Wizard Gap

Page 6: Moore's law

Page 7: Why not TCP?

Page 8: Tuning requires too much expertise

Page 9: Tuning is Really Debugging

Page 10: Tuning is Painful Debugging

Page 11: Web100 Instrumentation

Page 12: Important Observation

Page 13: TCP Autotuning

Page 14: Observation

Page 15: Congestion Control

Page 16: Change Global Congestion Control?

Page 17: The Net100 Work Around Daemon

Page 18: Remote Direct Data Placement (RDDP)

Page 19: What about MTU?

Page 20: Maximum Transmission Unit

Page 21: Possible approaches

Page 22: Apply Moore's law to packet sizes

Page 23: Another vantage point

Page 24: Part 2

Page 25: Path MTU Discovery is Busted

Page 26: Impact of disabling pMTU discovery

Page 27: A New Algorithm

Page 28: Running code

Page 29: Key feature

Page 30: Reactivate IETF pmtud WG

Page 31: Expect easy deployment

Page 32: Likely long term impact

Page 33: Part 3

Page 34: The general scaling argument

Page 35: Performance scaling

Page 36: Performance conjectures

Page 37: No clear measurement data (Yet)

Page 38: Ethernet must be standard

Page 39: An alternative view:

Page 40: The CRC Argument

Page 41: Invert the Problem

Page 42: What about bit errors?

Page 43: It doesn't fit into current HW designs

Page 44: The current common limit

Page 45: What - no DRAM?

Page 46: New project at PSC

Page 47: Conjecture

Page 48: How much more cost?

Page 49: Comparison to ATM

Page 50: Comparison to Interconnects

Page 51: IP fragmentation is not sufficient

Page 52: Super fragmentation

Page 53: Deployment issues

Page 54: Part 4

Page 55: The Pitch to Large Users

Page 56: Two intertwined subtasks

Page 57: Huge payback

Page 58: LAN vendor resistance

Page 59: Maximizing DoE Impact

Page 60: Pitch to Manufacturers

Page 61: Selling gear

Page 62: Longer Term Impact

Page 63: Closing Summary

Page 64: The End

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