are raw bandwidth testbeds worth the investment?

Slides: are raw bandwidth testbeds
worth the investment?

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Page 1: are raw bandwidth testbeds

Page 2: raw b/w network research testbeds

Page 3: typical non-net-researcher feedback

Page 4:

Page 5: persistently unsolved research problems

Page 6: conclusion

Page 7: part 1 end

Page 8: What is the

Page 9: The Wizard Gap

Page 10: The Wizard Gap

Page 11: The Web100 project

Page 12: Danger - new load levels

Page 13: Why not before Web100?

Page 14: Problems

Page 15: No deployed queue management

Page 16: No deployed QoS

Page 17: Pervasive broken link layers

Page 18: No models for traffic sharing

Page 19: Shared gigabit problem

Page 20: No SLA quantification

Page 21: New load levels

Page 22: The common theme

Page 23: We need a traffic dynamics testbed

Page 24: Which will have the longest impact?

Page 25: part 2 end

Page 26: Traffic Dynamics

Page 27: A Traffic Dynamics Testbed

Page 28: The Basic Tension

Page 29: Special Requirements

Page 30: Normal requirements

Page 31: Example Experiment Scenario

Page 32: Lost vBNS opportunity

Page 33: Conclusion

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