Web100 Status and Impact

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Status and

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Page 1: Web100

Page 2: TCP's role in the E2E problem

Page 3: The Wizard Gap

Page 4: The Wizard Gap

Page 5: Why? TCP "tuning" requires experts

Page 6: TCP tuning is really debugging

Page 7: TCP tuning is painful debugging

Page 8: Web100

Page 9: When there is a problem, just ask TCP

Page 10: Instrument Groups

Page 11: TCP triage instrument

Page 12: Diagnosing path bottlenecks

Page 13: Localizing path problems

Page 14: Sender and receiver bottlenecks

Page 15: Last resort

Page 16: Current Web100 status

Page 17: Web100 Summary

Page 18: end of part 1

Page 19: The Other Problem:

Page 20: The TCP model

Page 21: Fitting the model 1

Page 22: Fitting the model 2

Page 23: Fitting the model 3

Page 24: The other problem is the loss rate

Page 25: We can change the MTU

Page 26: Fitting the model 3

Page 27: The End

Page 28:

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