Path Maximum Transmission Unit Discovery (pmtud)

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Maximum Transmission Unit

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Page 1: Path

Page 2: Agenda

Page 3: Working Group Status

Page 4: Charter Tweaks

Page 5: Standard Path MTU Discovery

Page 6: Recent Work up to IETF 56

Page 7: Since IETF 56 (Mar 2003)

Page 8: Running Code

Page 9: The Proposed New Algorithm

Page 10: Document Issues

Page 11: Plans for the Next Draft

Page 12: A Plea for Implementors

Page 13: Open Robustness Issues

Page 14: When Raising MTU Causes Loss

Page 15: Hard (Repeated) Timeouts

Page 16: DF Woes

Page 17: What else can go wrong?

Page 18: Other stakeholders

Page 19: New mailing list

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