Windowed Ping: An IP Layer Performance Diagnostic

Windowed Ping is also known as mping.

From the abstract of the 1994 INET paper:

In this paper we present a diagnostic tool that provides direct measurement of IP performance, including queue dynamics at or beyond the onset of congestion. It uses a transport style sliding window algorithm combined with ping or traceroute to sustain packet queues in the network. It can directly measure such parameters as throughput, packet loss rates and queue size as functions of packet and window sizes. Other parameters, such as switching time per packet or per byte, can also be derived. The measurements can be performed either in a test bed environment (yielding the most accurate results), on single routers in situ in the Internet, or along specific paths in the production Internet. We will illustrate several measurement techniques.

Please read the full INET'94 paper before trying to use this tool. [Postscript]

A number of things have changed since 1994:

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