Diskless Booting Howto

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This document describes the steps needed to create a basic environment for suporting diskless linux nodes. This howto mentions three different node types: the prototype (golden client), server, and client. The prototype node (described below) is a node with a disk that is used for the initial installation of the operating system. For the purpose of this document, the server node also runs linux. The server node is responsible for holding and serving files and filesystems that the client will need. The client is the machine which will be booted using the diskless methods described here. The prototype node may be used as the client.

Client Configuration Server Configuration Preparing RootFS Image
Now that the "golden client" (borrowed from systemimager) is created you want to appropriate the root and usr filesystems to be used respectively as a ramdisk and nfs mounted /usr directory.

** Take caution in this phase not to accidentally delete vital directories on your server. When making modifications to your ramdisk make sure to use "chroot". Creating the Ramdisk
Next step is take our wonderfully tailored rootfs and turn it into a compressed file to be used as a initrd ramdisk by our clients. Now you have an initrd file that your kernel can use as a root filesystem!

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