Photo Tour of the PSC Facilities within the Westinghouse Energy Center

wecfar.jpg Westinghouse EnergyCenter - distance shot 106 KB
wecwest.jpg Westinghouse Energy Center - West Tower 133 KB
room.jpg A floorplan of the West Tower machine room. 58 KB
t3eface.jpg Cray T3E 25 KB
t3eguts1.jpg Cray T3E with view of processors 138 KB
t3edetailguts.jpg Detail view of T3E processors 121 KB
c90face.jpg Cray C90 102 KB
c90processors.jpg Cray C90 Processors 37 KB
c90t3e.jpg Cray C90 (foreground) and T3E 118 KB
j90s.jpg Cray J90's (Clove, Ginger, and Golem plus their disk rack) 132 KB
j90diskrack.jpg Cray J90 Disk Rack 41 KB
siloibm1.jpg STK silos with IBM Magstar tape drives - front 74 KB
siloibm2.jpg STK silos with IBM Magstar tape drives - side 85 KB
stkibm.jpg Closeup of IBM Magstar drive on STK silo 98 KB
stksilos.jpg StorageTek Tape Storage Silos 107 KB
challenges.jpg SGI PowerChallengeServers - close up 133 KB
sgifar.jpg SGI PowerChallengeServers - front view (new) 56 KB
tourneylogo.jpg Tourney(AlphaServer 8400) - front view 117 KB
tourneyopen.jpg Tourney- open cabinet view (and Tourney disks) 148 KB
afsrack.jpg AFS Servers 139 KB
afsvms.jpg AFS Servers/ VMS in the distance 118 KB
blackice.jpg Digital Alpha Servers (Application Web server) (new) 103 KB
duxfe.jpg Digital Alpha Servers (Front end, web servers) 139 KB
moreservers.jpg A few support servers. 62 KB
commrow.jpg Communications Alley 136 KB
leftcomrack.jpg Communications Rack (left) 45 KB
rightcomrack.jpg Communications Rack (right) 44 KB
fiber.jpg Fore and Digital Fiber machine room network switches (ATM and FDDI) 140 KB
vbns.jpg VBNS network connection with Fore and Cisco Routers 131 KB
vmsdisks.jpg VMS disks(with Unix servers in the foreground) 112 KB
tz877.jpg TZ877 Tape loader(center)  used for VMS backups and TZ875 (right of TZ877) 99 KB
controls.jpg Tape loader control panel 83 KB
dectapeiii.jpg DEC tapes. 68 KB
taperack.jpg Tape rack. 110 KB
scheadon.jpg Supercluster - far front view (new) 92 KB
superclusterfront.jpg Supercluster- close front view 147 KB
superclusterslant.jpg Supercluster- slant view 152 KB
t3dguts.jpg CrayT3D Processor 115 KB

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